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Hydra by Sylizar Hydra by Sylizar
"The seaside may be beautiful, but I can think of at least one reason why I avoid it like the plague."

The Hydra. Even now they are mighty beasts of legend that few believe do, or can, exist. But they are real, and those who have seen them know the dangers they bring.

Hydra often surface near coastal villages, and can do so on any continent. Although there are rumours some exist on the mainland, Hydra spend most of their life in the water, evolving from a small, multi-headed tadpole into a large beast that can rival even the mightiest of land dwellers.

Much like the Hydra of ancient myth, modern Hydra have the ability to regrow their severed heads. This is an ability that makes them nearly impossible to kill, and incredibly fearsome. There seems to be no limit to the amount they can grow. The most infamous Hydra, Niastusal, has been rumoured to have over twenty on his last sighting.

Various Facts:

- Hydra also have the ability to spit a venomous acid at foes. This acid burns away just about any material and can make the area in which it landed uninhabitable for over 5 years.
- Hydra armor is incredibly thick. This makes it so they have almost no natural predators, and no humanoid weapon is able to pierce an Elder Hydra's armor.
- Hydra can move deceptively fast on their powerful legs, reaching speeds up to 14 miles an hour. This is also due to the bulk gained from extra heads. As a Hydra gains more heads, it's body evolves with it. This can result in more legs, arms or even another tail.
- The Hydra shown above is a young male. The crests on its head will grow out longer as it ages. Females do not have these crests, and instead have 4 legs at birth.
- Hydras' powerful tails are used to propel them through the depths at quick speeds, but can also provide balance when running or walking on land.
- Hydra can reach over 25 feet in height, 47 feet in length and can weigh over 50 tons.
- Hydra can live to be over 250 years old.

Threat Level: Very High
OmegaZilla Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fantastic. Love the black eyes/patterns.
Sylizar Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Thanks, I actually really like the way this one turned out.
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