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The Surgeon by Sylizar
The Surgeon
"I learned from the best."

The Surgeon is the Doctor's assistant onboard Aya's warship. The twisted duo were always sick psychopaths, but they weren't truly able to explore their craft until Aya took them in. The two of them participated in a number of horrible experiments on captured prisoners and civilians. Aya had also hoped they could help mend her mind, but the two were unable to fix her injury. The Surgeon was always the more vocal of the two, and was therefore a target when Vanessa "and co." raided Aya's warship. When he was found, the Surgeon attacked the group, but was gunned down.

NAME: Thurssa


AGE: Unknown

HEIGHT: 6' 1''

WEIGHT: 130 lbs.


ALLIANCE: Shadow Army



ABILITIES: Absolutely incredible surgeon (can keep slaughtered beings alive far past expected expiration, for example)

Abomination by Sylizar
"I have no idea what the hell it was! All I saw was a twisted mass of flesh and bone."

A creature I drew after seeing the maquette used for the movie Isolation. The movie itself was alright, although it would've been nice to see more of that mutant cow baby. Anyhow, this monster here I can easily see being a part of some twisted horror or horror/sci fi movie. This thing attacking a small town, or crawling through a darkened spaceship after a crew of people could be quite the sight. I could totally see that big spike being launched as a harpoon too!

NAME: None

NICKNAMES/TITLES: Abomination, Flesh Spawn

AGE: Unknown

LENGTH: 20' - 30'

WEIGHT: Unknown


THREAT LEVEL: Very High - Extreme

ABILITIES: Regeneration; Can absorb flesh and bone into its mass to grow; Can launch the sharpened bone at its front as a harpoon; Can spawn new bones and weapons as needed if mass is present; Can spew a digestive acid at prey

Rthuleg by Sylizar
"Imagine a beast with a mouth wide enough to swallow a Dwarf whole, and more teeth than all the Dragons combined. Then you'll understand why the Gnomes and the Dwarves left their kingdom."

The Gnomes and the Dwarves were two species that lived underground together, and were fathers to the two richest kingdoms in all the lands. But they could never have enough riches, and so they dug deeper, and deeper into the ground. It was inevitable that something would go wrong. Eventually the Gnomes and Dwarves dug so deep that they entered an ecosystem so ancient, it is believed to predate most life above ground. And there was one species that ruled this ecosystem through pure ferocity and savage intelligence, the Rthuleg. Now free of their confinement, the Rthuleg escaped into the tunnels of the Dwarves and Gnomes and began to wreak havoc on the two races. The two races fought back bravely, but the Rthuleg were much stronger and larger than they, and posessed armor far too thick for their weaponry to damage. So savage was the wrath of the Rthuleg that they pushed the Dwarves and Gnomes out of their underground kingdom, to which they have never returned. The Rthuleg (commonly referred to as Gnome/Dwarf Eaters), still hunt today, but deprived of the two races they feasted on before, the creatures now leave the underground at night and stalk into nearby villages and drag their prey back to their lair to be devoured. Many a village have been evacuated once the Rthuleg have been spotted. They are considered a threat by all, but none dare enter the underground to deal with them.

Threat Level: Extreme
Reaper Clone by Sylizar
Reaper Clone
"There are some forces in this world we just can't understand, and not all them are neutral."

The Reaper is a being that lives within the Abyss. No one knows what exactly the Reaper is, although it has received its name due to the belief that it is death itself. There is next to no information on the Reaper, only that it had contact with the Necromancers when they peered into the Abyss. It seems that the Necromancers really wished to release the Reaper, but even they feared what it could be capable of. In the end, they were unable to summon the it, but in return for their efforts it granted them access to weaker "clones" of itself. The Necromancers used these in their battle against the world while the Wizards slept. Once the Wizards awoke and rid the world of the Necromancers army, the Reaper's "clones" still remained. The Wizards had an immensely difficult time sealing the beings back into the Abyss, and it is believed they didn't get them all. This was proven true as a "clone" or two of the Reaper showed up during the new war in Arynia and during Fer'khan's assault. Their fate is unknown, but it is presumable the Reaper has plans for them.

Threat Level: Extreme
Ravidigon by Sylizar
"It dropped from the stars. Then it began its rampage."

Ravidigon is an original kaiju of mine, I have no real backstory for him since he was originally a Krystallak re-design, before I went off the rails and made him my own creature. The only thing I really know is that he falls from space in a crystalline cocoon, lands in a major city, breaks out of his cocoon and begins a rampage. But since I have no more story to elaborate on (could be a new foe for Godzilla), let's look at his "stats":

Height: 300 feet tall
Weight: 78,000 tons.


Tentacle Arms: Beneath the heavily armored, crystals on his shoulders, lie rubbery, stretchy arms. These are used to launch his crystals at foes from a distance.

Telekinesis: Can lift objects nearing his own size with his mind, although this weighs heavily on his mind.

Crystallus Laser: Ravidigon can fire a powerful laser that is capable of blasting away objects of similar size to himself. If fully charged, is capable of crystallizing the area it strikes.

Crystal Powers: Creates giant crystals for sources of power, allowing him to supercharge his abilities if enough are placed.

Regeneration: Ravidigon can regenerate from fairly grevious wounds, and can even regenerate lost limbs if given enough time to heal.

Crystal Laser: From his tail, Ravidigon can fire a massive laser. This is strong enough to send even similar sized creatures flying.
Hey, quick post to let ya'll know I'm alive (it's pretty late right now). Been really busy with a large influx of games and movies, but the next batch of colored drawings will be up VERY soon. Hopefully I can be more productive after this batch is up.


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