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Wade by Sylizar
"Darrius! Long time no see huh? Remember when you left me for dead?"

Wade was a friend of Darrius' back during the Great War, as they had served together. But one day, during a particularly nasty attack, Darrius' squad was pinned down. During the attack, most of the squad was killed, and Wade was caught in a Devastator explosion, destroying much of his body. Darrius wanted to save him, but he needed to save the rest of the squad, so he retreated. Wade felt betrayed, and clung to life through anger. Shortly after, a medic found him, and managed to stabilize him. He was brought back to base and given a cybernetic body, which he used to continue to fight. After the war had ended, Wade received no congratulations, which further enraged him. He soon became a mercenary, a terrorist for hire. He regularly attacked military installations around Earth, and even killed Darrius' brother out of spite. Eventually, the Galactic Order came after him, with this being one of Vanessa's first main missions without Kaede's assistance. Before she left, Darrius requested that she allow him to accompany her, as he understood how Wade operated. After some searching, and the disarming of a bomb, the duo found Wade. Vanessa went to take him down, but Darrius told her that Wade was his. It was a brutal fight, with Wade having the upper hand, until he taunted Darrius about his brother. Enraged, Darrius fought back, and killed Wade, bringing his reign of terror to an end.

NAME: Wade Mendoza


AGE: 38

HEIGHT: 6' 5''

WEIGHT: 350 lbs.

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Black


BIRTHPLACE: North America


ABILITIES: Super-Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability; Expert in unarmed combat; Armed with various weapons, gadgets and explosives; Mechanical body hides a number of weapons; Can generate sonic blasts from his hands

Ugyarala by Sylizar
"Be careful, this guy's tough as hell."

Ugyarala is a dangerous alien warrior from Unchia. When the Galactic Order received a call from Unchia, they headed over right away, expecting a simple mission, well everyone except Kaede. She knew the Unchians were powerful warriors, often referred to as "Blade Dancers" because of their graceful, yet deadly style of combat. When the crew landed, they were immediately greeted by an official, and were briefed further on the situation. A rogue Unchian known as Ugyarala had escaped their custody, and they called in the Galactic Order to hunt him down. It took a while, but eventually the crew caught his scent and tracked him down. They found him standing over his most recent kill, and quickly attempted to apprehend him. Unfortunately, Ugyarala stood up to his species' nickname, and fought viciously against the crew. The alien's armored skin and speed, combined its deadly claws and graceful style caused trouble for the crew. But, after a long and painful battle, the crew finally took the criminal down.

NAME: Ugyarala

NICKNAMES/TITLES: The Blade Dancer, Mr. Fancypants

AGE: Unknown

HEIGHT: 8' 4''

WEIGHT: 250 lbs.

EYES: None

HAIR: None



POWER LEVEL: Planetary

ABILITIES: Super-Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability; Master of combat; Can move in such a way that the air around him cuts foes; Moves fast enough that it appears as if he's teleporting

Tyrannis by Sylizar
"Just because I have been cut in half, does not mean I can't do the same to you, human."

Tyrannis is a powerful demon who, a long time ago, fought an equally powerful knight. The knight managed to sever the beast in two, and in doing so, cut the beast's power in half as well. The knight died from his wounds, but before dying he commanded a servant to hide Tyrannis' lower half somewhere he would never find it. Now Tyrannis "walks" the Earth as half a demon, forever searching for his lower half to regain his almighty power.

Not sure what I want to do with this guy. Almost considered putting him in Arynia, but, like The Butcher, I can't find a place to put him.
The Silver Knight by Sylizar
The Silver Knight
"I will uphold justice, for the sake of the innocent!"

The Silver Knight is considered the second greatest warrior in Earth Space, next to the Golden Knight. These two shining beacons of hope are the most skilled, most powerful and most dangerous opponents to ever defend Earth Space. In the eyes of the human race, they are a sterling example of what Humanity can achieve through augmentation and training. But the two knights are harboring a secret they cannot reveal to Earth, a secret they have hidden from their comrades. They are not Human, not even partially. If this was ever revealed, Humanity would come to the realization that they are constantly surrounded by more powerful forces, and the paranoia from the Great War could return.

The Silver Knight is the more commonly seen of the two knights, and the one who spends more time defending Earth space. This is because unlike the Golden Knight, his mentor, he is not split between two seperate academies. Due to his combat prowess and leadership ability, the Silver Knight is the Commander of Forces in Earth Space, and has the final say on all missions and battle maneuvers. He saw a lot of action during the war against Aya, but mesteriously disappeared shortly after Jerad was elected to Galactic Order Commander. In truth, he was returning to the Golden Knight, when his ship was destroyed by Aya's warship, and he was subsequently slain by her and Therax.

NAME: Unknown

NICKNAMES/TITLES: The Silver Knight, Badass No.2

AGE: Unknown

HEIGHT: 6' 8''

WEIGHT: 350 lbs.

EYES: Unknown

HAIR: Unknown

ALLIANCE: The Galactic Order



ABILITIES: Super-Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability; Master of combat; Can fire "slashes" with each swing; Can fire various types of energy from his hands; Can fire a massive influx of energy from his sword

The Phathagg by Sylizar
The Phathagg
"The Phathagg are a threat unlike any we have ever seen. I'm sorry, but this Aya is not even a concern of ours right now. We have bigger problems to deal with than your personal Bogeyman."

The Phathagg are part of the reason no other academy is willing to support Earth space in the war against Aya. While Aya is reported as a threat, with little evidence presented to High Command, the Phathagg are a constant threat. These alien conquerors are the new Shontu, and are an extreme threat to even the Galactic Order army. The Phathagg have already wiped out three Order academies, and are moving on towards the rest. Their massive armada spans millions of ships, and they are lead by a number of ferociously competent leaders. The Phathagg have spent their entire existence planning for universal enslavement, and nothing will get in their way.

Even after Nightmare Aya is sealed away, the war with the Phathagg wages on, but it seems like they are finally being pushed back.

Threat Level: Universal
Quick journal today.

I have passed over 30,000 page views. To say I'm surprised and happy would be an understatement XD Would love to do something to celebrate the occasion, but I'm already busy enough with all the coloring I have to do.

Perhaps, when I'm done, I'll open requests again.

As always, commissions are still open. I'm always willing to make some time for 'em.


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Personal Quote: Want to know why I don't have parties? Because people f***ing destroy your house!

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