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Lady Selina (Dress)
"Even with all the privileges we have, you must be able to see how utterly boring this all is."

This is the original version of Selina which was created in a Steampunk character creator. The other version I did was based off Selina in her Golden Cane persona, while this is her in everyday life around the other high-class socialites. I made her in that creator ages ago, and finally decided to reference that image and draw her up. She's quite fancy.
Tzarakazallu, The Celestial Spirit
"What many people don't know, is that there is a fifth Spirit. The Celestial Spirit. The creator of all."

Tzarakazallu is the Celestial spirit, and the creator of the world, who is located on the moon. Tzarakazallu created all the other spirits to govern over the Earth, while it would govern over them. It is assumed Tzarakazallu has control over reality itself, and is likely able to manipulate every little facet of the universe. Little else is known about Tzarakazallu. When seen in the mortal world, Tzarakazallu takes the form of an old monk who is the caretaker of an ancient temple hidden far away from any civilization.

So, Tzarakazallu is a fun beast. It would likely be seen very rarely, if at all, in the story. Yet, it is the most important being in the universe, not only because of it's power, but also because it's responsible for the entire plot. See, Tzarakazallu is part of an unseen story, one that likely wouldn't even be mentioned anywhere in the main storyline. As you can probably tell by its design, Tzarakazallu is not of the Azumiverse (per se), but is an eldritch beast from another universe who actually created the Azumiverse as a hiding place. I'm still working out the finer details, but as of now, my idea is that Tzarakazallu was a member of an ancient race that worshipped Zerashaqul. Much like how Zerashaqul empowers Zelina and Kharon, the beast empowered Tzarakazallu and its race many eons ago.

But Zerashaqul betrayed Tzarakazallu's race and devoured them all, except Tzarakazallu who managed to escape, using its new powers to hop through dimensions and universes to escape Zerashaqul. Untold years later, Tzarakazallu has finally "escaped" Zerashaqul by creating this new universe and creating the Spirits to cover its tracks and hide its power. Eventually Zerashaqul catches a scent of Tzarakazallu in this universe and begins to infiltrate it. Knowing that Tzarakazallu will flee at the first sign of trouble, Zerashaqul decides instead to use agents to flush the creature out of hiding. Cue Zelina and Kharon. The entire plot of Zelina causing havoc and defeating the Spirits is all a ploy by Zerashaqul to force Tzarakazallu out of hiding so it can finally catch its prey. An epic multiversal chase scene is happening behind an epic martial arts story. I think that MAY be a first!

Also, gotta add two things, First I love this guy. I feel that way about almost all my work, especially the crazy monsters, but sometimes I just have to say it. Second, all those colored orbs represent the planets and sun in our solar system.

Power Level: Solar System / Universal (in its universe)
Gorjoro, The Earth Spirit
"Is that mountain...moving?"

Gorjoro is the earth spirit, and is located beneath the Red Jungle. Gorjoro is the most quiet and peaceful of the five spirits, preferring solitude and slumber over the hectic lives of her brothers and sister. Gorjoro relishes in the beauty of nature, and has little patience for those who damage or destroy the ecosystems she watches over. Gorjoro has control over the earth and nature, and while the others feel either excitement or sorrow towards the destruction they cause, Gorjoro feels nothing at all. She knows it is necessary, and that's that. When seen in the mortal world, Gorjoro takes the guise of a large warrior, known for her strength and ferocity in defending nature.

Power Level: Planetary
Huajiyong, The Water Spirit
"An interesting argument, human. But to explain to you exactly why we do the things we do would lead nowhere fast. Let me see if I can simplify it for you."

Huajiyong is the water spirit and is located within the oceans of the world, though he frequents the shores of Quinsho. He is the most vain, talkative and friendly of the five spirits, and is the only one who frequently appears in his true form in the physical world. Huajiyong loves nothing more than to converse with his fellow spirits or humans, and is known for getting deep into philosophical debates. Huajiyong has control over water and the seas, and while he causes incredible destruction, he does not enjoy it like Matahari and Karajin, instead feeling only sorrow and disappointment at the damage he has done. When not in his true form, Huajiyong takes the guise of a talkative nobleman who often advises the Emperor of Quinsho, when he's not found gambling.

Power Level: Planetary
Mahatari, The Fire Spirit
"I have laid waste to many civilizations, pray I don't take yours next."

Mahatari is the fire spirit, and is located within the volcano that Valeyria's people worship. She is the most volatile and destructive of the five spirits, and loves to have brawls with her brother, Karajin. These fights often cause massive storms and volcanic eruptions, but the two don't care. To them, it's nothing more than a fun battle. Mahatari has control over fire and magma, and she loves nothing more than unleashing them upon the world. While it seems utterly malicious, Mahatari does not do what she does for the sake of pain and destruction but for the same reason the others unleash their powers as well; a reason known only to the spirits themselves. When seen in the mortal world, Mahatari takes the guise of a powerful warrior who loves to fight and use her fire based powers.

Power Level: Planetary
Welp, let me start off by saying, Happy New Years everybody!

On a more personal note, this wasn't a bad year for me, though one could easily say the events that surrounded it in the world at large weren't nearly as favorable. I may not have succeeded in many of the goals I set, BUT I did (finally) get all my older works colored; a goal which I promised myself I would do before the new year, no matter what. Now that the dust has settled...I'm glad I went through with it. It may have severely limited my output of new art, but what came out came out good and redoing everything in color gave those images new life and depth (IMHO anyhow). I also managed to admit some things to myself that I never expected to hear anytime soon, and spoke with some people about said topics. I must say that I'm feeling stronger opinions toward myself, and that's nothing but a good thing.

So, to keep it brief, because I'm honestly not sure what else to's to a new year, and the new art I'll finally be pumping out once I get the last of my art supplies. Well, I mean, most of the WiPs date back to late 2015/early 2016, but you know what I mean. Regardless, I hope everybody has a good year, and I hope you continue to enjoy what I do.

Also, please don't be afraid to comment or throw questions or what not on any of my pieces. I love to have discussions with others on my work. It sometimes lets me cover angles and questions I never thought to approach myself.


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