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Zhatha-Otu (Battle Armor) by Sylizar
Zhatha-Otu (Battle Armor)
"The Zhatha went into battle not only armed with awesome tech, but some even had mechs!"

Some Zhatha-Otu grew to very large sizes, and decked themselves out in what is commonly referred to as their battle armor. These massive warriors were armed with three huge swords, and a shield that could expand a forcefield from itself. Zhatha that didn't reach large sizes, or were unable to fight, were often given mech versions of the battle armor.

Power Level: Galactic/Universal
Zhatha-Otu by Sylizar
"The Zhatha were the greatest warriors the universe has ever seen. We honor their legacy by joining with their DNA and upholding their ideals."

The Zhatha-Otu were once great rulers of an intergalactic empire that spanned galaxies. The Zhatha-Otu were cruel and unforgiving, and mercilessly wiped out any who opposed them. This continued for many millenia, until one day, something changed. The Beings of Light came to the Zhatha, and began fighting against them. Soon after, the Zhatha realized that everything they were doing was wrong if the Beings of Light decided to come and fight against them, and that they shouldn't rule by force, but instead through unity. The Zhatha vowed never again to succumb to the darkness within, and from that day on fought against forces that were just like their old selves. The Zhatha created a list of ideals and orders from which they would follow to bring the universe into a new era of peace and prosperity. And from those ideals, the Galactic Order was born after the Zhatha's disappearance.

The Zhatha recorded much of their history, but chose to hide their dark past. What was written was a massive detail of events, talking of their meeting with the Beings of Light, the Guardians, the battles against those who violate their ideals, the war against the Shontu and much, much more. Detailing all of their history would take far too long, all that needs to be said, is that the Zhatha became a shinng example of justice throughout the universe. But many did not forgive the Zhatha, and their hatred stayed, even until now. Despite everything, no one truly knew why the Zhatha disappeared, or why they left behind DNA (initially anyways). Some say it was because the Zhatha knew many would never forgive them, others say they believed they payed their dues and that their job was done, while others said they actually died off.

It wasn't until the battle against Nightmare Aya that the Zhatha returned, alongside the Beings of Light (Aya's true race's arch enemies). The Zhatha and their partners were able to distract Aya long enough for the Beings to reveal that Vanessa was one of them, their new warrior. They unlocked her powers, and she, alongside the others Beings, locked Aya away, alongside the rest of her race. The Zhatha and the Beings left back into the universe, their destination unknown.

Power Level: Galactic/Universal
Unused Thing Alien by Sylizar
Unused Thing Alien
My rendition of the unused alien pilot from the 2011 The Thing movie. While I did like the movie, I was rather upset to learn later that this fella didn't make it into the movie. Coulda made for a really cool scene. Based off one of the concept arts for the creature.
The Treacherous One by Sylizar
The Treacherous One
"Come closer little one, I have a secret to tell you."

Based off an image I found on Google. I re-drew it and added a number of extra details, and then made a story behind it.

Since I'm summing everything up now instead of writing more detailed descriptions (or I'll never get these all uploaded), basically the plot goes like this. Some kids are playing outside, and all but one are called back. With extra time to spare, she goes exploring, and happens upon an old barn. A voice calls out from within, and the girl goes nearer. The voice within talks with her, and asks her to free it. She is about to do so, when she is called back home. She tells her family about the barn, and dreadful looks are shared. They tell her something lives within, something that should never be released. The little girl is frightened, but curiousity gets the best of her, and she returns to the barn. She talks to the voice within, and eventually makes conversation with it. For the next few days, she returns to the barn and make friends with whatever's inside. But when it asks to be free, and she declines, the voice becomes enraged. She flees, but comes back with her friends. The voice apologizes, and attempts to manipulate all of them into freeing it.

I'm not sure how I want to end it yet though. It reveals itself to the girl, and then I have to decide if it gets free and needs to be re-sealed, or if they leave it in there. Decisions, decisions.
The Butcher by Sylizar
The Butcher
"I'll leave you to the Butcher. Soon you'll wish you were dead."

The Butcher, I'm not sure where I want to put this guy. Originally he was gonna be in Arynia, but I'm not sure how I'd fit him into the story. A big monster with claws on a chain that can retract and extend from his body and a big ass blade? I'm sure I'll think of something for him. All I know for sure, is that wherever he goes, he's gonna be a terrifying opponent.
Quick journal today.

I have passed over 30,000 page views. To say I'm surprised and happy would be an understatement XD Would love to do something to celebrate the occasion, but I'm already busy enough with all the coloring I have to do.

Perhaps, when I'm done, I'll open requests again.

As always, commissions are still open. I'm always willing to make some time for 'em.


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