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Vanessa (Full Body) by Sylizar
Vanessa (Full Body)
"Vanessa is a good soldier; loyal and brave. Her only problem is that she doesn't believe in herself. It's cliche, I know, but she just never gives herself the credit she deserves. If she could just see what others see in her, she could gain the confidence she needs to fight Sahriel."

Just a full body shot of Vanessa showing off her full design. This would likely be further along in the series.
The Golden Knight by Sylizar
The Golden Knight
"I am their hope incarnate, their pride, their joy. Yet, if I were to reveal myself to them, I fear they would not accept me. So I will continue my charade, it is the only way to preserve order."

The Golden Knight is considered the greatest warrior in Earth Space, and is the mentor of the Silver Knight. These two shining beacons of hope are the most skilled, most powerful and most dangerous opponents to ever defend Earth Space. In the eyes of the human race, they are a sterling example of what Humanity can achieve through augmentation and training. But the two knights are harboring a secret they cannot reveal to Earth, a secret they have hidden from their comrades. They are not Human, not even partially. If this was ever revealed, Humanity would come to the realization that they are constantly surrounded by more powerful forces, and the paranoia from the Great War could return.

Despite rarely being in Earth Space, the Golden Knight is the single most recognizable icon in Galactic Order lore (in Earth space at least). He appeared at the end of the Great War, a supposed product of splicing Human DNA with Alien DNA, who had his strength boosted not only from that, but from a multitude of ability boosts as well (thus justifying the Galactic Order to use these on any new recruit to massively amplify their abilities), allowing him to almost singlehandedly push back the Alien invasion. Almost all of Humanity views him as their savior, and they believe he can bring them into a new era. But he is not Human. Long story short, he continues to pretend to be to preserve Humanity's hope.

The Golden Knight is a fearsome fighter, and one of the few in the Galactic Order army who can face Aya after she unleashes her powers. Using his massive Lance, and powerful mechanical wings, the Golden Knight is capable of delivering powerful blows from almost any angle. And he is a tactical genius, for even when he is not watching over Earth space, he is always giving advice to his student, who commands the Earth space Galactic Order. The Golden Knight faces against Aya a few times in the war against her, and is one of the few who almost matches her consistently. In the final battle against Nightmare Aya, he kills General Therax in revenge, but is slain by Aya shortly after.

NAME: Unknown

NICKNAMES/TITLES: The Golden Knight, The Tragic Hero

AGE: Unknown

HEIGHT: 8' 3''

WEIGHT: 600 lbs.

EYES: Unknown

HAIR: None

ALLIANCE: The Galactic Order


POWER LEVEL: Galactic - Universal

ABILITIES: Super-Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability; Various light-based powers, plus other powers to be revealed

Tempest by Sylizar
"Is this mission really worth our time? I've got better things to do."

Codename: Tempest is another member of Omega Squad, and is considered an all around asshole. He is known for constantly disobeying orders, going on his own missions, and rude remarks to other soldiers. Wielding his unique sword, which he named after himself, he is capable of firing concentrated red "lightning" at his enemies. Tempest had many battles during the war against Aya, but was killed by her when his cockiness got the better of him.

NAME: Trevor Augustus


AGE: 28

HEIGHT: 6' 0''

WEIGHT: 180 lbs.

EYES: Brown

HAIR: White

ALLIANCE: The Galactic Order


POWER LEVEL: Planetary

ABILITIES: Super-Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability; Various wind-based abilities; Can fire red lightning from his sword

Sonya by Sylizar
"What d'ya say Kaede? Shall we have a competition? The one to slay the most of these Shadow Army goons wins?"

Sonya joined the Galactic Order around the same time as Kaede, and their rivalry began almost immediately. The two of them were always evenly matched in combat training, and were able to match each other in battlefield rankings. Eventually things were brought to a head during Aya's escape. Sonya figured since Aya got away from Kaede, if she were to catch or kill her, she would be the victor in their little feud. Every battle since then that they were both in involved little competitions in some way. Eventually, after many ties, Sonya managed to get a one on one battle with Aya. Despite being at Kaede's skill level, Aya didn't hold back on her, since her good side had been removed. She was killed in that battle.

NAME: Sonya Rose

NICKNAMES/TITLES: Ms. Competitive, Squad Leader

AGE: 31

HEIGHT: 5' 10''

WEIGHT: 170 lbs.

EYES: Grey

HAIR: Pink

ALLIANCE: The Galactic Order


POWER LEVEL: Planetary - Galactic

ABILITIES: Super-Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability; Teleportation; Can blind opponents with a bright light; Multiple rose based abilities

Ndegga'thuanog Unleashed by Sylizar
Ndegga'thuanog Unleashed
"And here I thought he was going to be easy to beat..."

It was during an extremely heated battle that Ndegga unleashed his hidden ability: Evolution. Much like his race back in its own universe, Ndegga could evolve to suit any situation, and so it did. All eyes ended up on the alien as it burst forth from its cocoon, a much more powerful entity. Ndegga utterly wiped the attacking Galactic Order forces, and forced Vanessa "and co." to retreat. From that moment on, Ndegga became Aya's greatest weapon, albeit one who began to refuse some of her orders. Ndegga was an unconquerable enemy, who forced retreats every time it showed its face. He quickly gained the nickname, the Destroyer. Even Aya began to fear its power. It was during the battle against Nightmare Aya where Ndegga ended up returning, and destroying any in its path. After Aya was sealed away, Ndegga, Urgoro and Demios all decided the trouble wasn't worth it, and disappeared. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

NAME: Unknown


AGE: Unknown

HEIGHT: 30' 6''

WEIGHT: Unknown

EYES: White

HAIR: None

ALLIANCE: Shadow Army


POWER LEVEL: Universal

ABILITIES: Super-Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability; All its previous powers, greatly amplified; Multiple devastating abilities, most of which remain unknown

I've been an uncle for eight months and never mentioned it. Sure this is more for art than life, but still...Welp, guess it's time to remedy that then, yah? Really feels weird, but it's nice. He's a lovable little guy. Gets along with the pups as well, so that's a big plus XD

Anyhow, that happened.

On a side note (I know my journals usually don't really get comments, but eh...), for those interested, I may upload a preview of my next "won't be done for a while but is totally happening" Krhashatha pic. If you thought the last one was big and crazy...oh man, just you wait.


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