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Vanessa (Soldier Armor 1) by Sylizar
Vanessa (Soldier Armor 1)
"It's been a long time coming, huh? I thought this lifestyle would be glamorous, and full of adventure. The second part is true, but the first? Not so much. Well, atleast the suit is pretty cool."

Vanessa after her graduation into a full fledged warrior. Her armor is equipped with the standard armor plates capable of withstanding most forms of weaponry, as well flexible armor, allowing for more fluid movement. It also comes with built in arm blades for those close encounters. A built in forcefield is also often attached to the armor, as well as a few other nifty tricks that won't be detailed here.
Rachel by Sylizar
"Wow, that was an awful strike. Are you even trying to hit me? Put a little more 'oomph' into your attacks, girl."

Rachel is a fighter hailing from Ireland. She is a brash girl, known for her straightforward attitude, and lightning fast strikes.

NAME: Rachel Kilarney

AGE: 24

HEIGHT: 5' 8''

WEIGHT: 155 lbs.

EYES: Green

HAIR: Orange



FIGHTING STYLE: Judo/Shotokan Karate

Keras and Daijin by Sylizar
Keras and Daijin
"Those two are nothing but trouble."

A duo of warriors from two seperate nations fighting as rebels against the Salazonian Empire:


"Donisest, my brother, tell me you are not so blind to the corruption that surrounds you!"

Keras is Donisest's little brother, and a former lieutenant of the Salazonian military. Keras and Donisest grew up in a rich family, and had gotten along since birth, but a rift had come between them just a few years ago. The two of them served as high ranking members of the Salazonian military, but Keras felt something was amiss. He always had a sneaking suspicion that there was corruption in the Empire's Council, but he had no proof. That is, until he and his brigade were sent to wipe out a village said to be loaded with Jeran spies. Keras did as he was asked, and too late was it that he realized the village he wiped out simply refused to pay taxes for the month as they needed the money to support their village. Keras immediately abandoned the military right then and there, and was labelled a traitor to the Empire. He headed to Orica, hearing that they were against the Empire's treachery. There he met the Resistance, and was paired up with a soldier from Jeran named Daijin. Keras and Daijin served the Resistance faithfully, and encountered Donisest a number of times during their missions. But it wasn't long after Fer'khan's siege on Orica that Keras and Daijin were both killed.

NAME: Keras Kashakan

NICKNAMES/TITLES: Salazonia's Failure, Lieutenant, The Right Hand of Kashakan

AGE: 27

HEIGHT: 5' 9''

WEIGHT: 180 lbs.

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Blonde

ALLIANCE: The Salazonian Empire / The Rebellion

BIRTHPLACE: The Salazonian Empire



"You don't talk much do you, Dai?"

Daijin was once a soldier in the Jeran military, and a member of the Silent Shadows, a group that swore an oath to silence by cutting out their tongues. Due to this fact, little of Daijin's history is known, only that he left the Jeran military for personal reasons, and ended up in Orica alongside the Resistance. Daijin was already a successful member of the Resistance before he met Keras, and was well-versed in the guerilla tactics employed by them. He was Keras' mentor and guide on missions, and showed him through sign language and action how to deal with larger forces. Daijin and Keras lead many successful, and unsuccessful, missions for the Resistance. And while Keras met his brother in their travels, Daijin too encountered a person from his past, one that he wished to forget. Daijin died alongside Keras during Fer'khan's siege of Orika.

NAME: Daijin Hanamura

NICKNAMES/TITLES: Traitor, The Silent

AGE: 34

HEIGHT: 6' 2''

WEIGHT: 240 lbs.

EYES: Green

HAIR: Black

ALLIANCE: The Jeran Empire / The Rebellion



Jeran Soldier and Commander Nagashi by Sylizar
Jeran Soldier and Commander Nagashi
"What a surprise, the defector Daijin! I have been looking for you."

The soldiers of the Jeran nation are considered among the best in Arynia, perhaps second only to the Elite soldiers of the Salazonian Empire. Highly trained, and more than competent with their blades, these heavily armored warriors are excellent on the frontlines and as stealth troops. It is true what they say, that a battalion of Jeran soldiers can cross from one side of Arynia to the other, completely undetected. The Jeran soldiers often hold a code of honor that they stay true to in battle, of which crafty enemies often take advantage. But the soldier isn't complete without a commander...

Skill Level: Advanced

Commander Nagashi is considered the greatest warrior in the Jeran nation. He has won so many battle for Jeran and its allies, that his mere prescence in a battle is more than enough to send enemies fleeing the other way. Born as a poor farmer, Nagashi had a rough start in life, but his ideals were strong. Nagashi could constantly be found training with a makeshift sword despite his father's constant beatings, telling him he'd amount to nothing. It wasn't until one fateful day, that Nagashi saved a girl from a bandit attack, a girl who just happened to be the Princess. Honored, the Emperor of Jeran allowed Nagashi to train in his army. Nagashi trained longer and harder than the others, and his hard work paid off. Many years later, he found himself commanding an elite squad of Assassins. Before he went on any conquests, he returned home, and severed his father's head, telling him he had surpassed him in every way. Soon Nagashi was leading his men into battle after battle, victory after victory. It wasn't long after one such victory, that an elite soldier, Daijin, defected from his unit. Nagashi swore he would hunt Daijin down for his betrayal, and he did. He was unsuccessful in his attempt at Daijin's life, and honored Daijin's skill. He returned home, and was promptly sent off to attack Millvich. After many decisive wins, he was finally slain by Ragus Bearslayer.

NAME: Nagashi Shisimoto

NICKNAMES/TITLES: The Demon Soldier; Assassin King

AGE: 36

HEIGHT: 6' 4''

WEIGHT: 230 lbs.

EYES: Green

HAIR: Black

ALLIANCE: The Jeran Empire



Hyron Soldiers by Sylizar
Hyron Soldiers
"Try fighting in the desert sometime."

The soldiers of the Hyron nation are well trained and heavily armed. While few in number, the Hyron army makes up for its lack of soldiers with a very tough training regiment and its well made weaponry and armor. The Hyron Desert is brimming with mineral deposits perfect for armament creation, and the Hyronese forces have taken full advantage of this situation. Wearing an armor that is thick and durable, yet lightweight and enchanted so as to decrease the amount of heat absorbed, the Hyron soldier is a tough breed to take down. Couple that with their powerful spears and swords, and knowledge of the desert, it's no wonder so few nations wish to take them on. Above we see a Hyron Soldier (left) armed with a javelin (weird angle, I know) and two swords as back up. On the right we see the Hyron Elite Guard, armed with a javelin for mid range and long range combat, a short sword for close range and a tower shield for defence.

Skill Level: Skilled (Soldier) - Advanced (Elite Guard)
Never mentioned it earlier, but I'm back from my vacation. That means art updates will continue :D


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